The American Public Works Association is THE primary resource for public-works related knowledge. The Association exists to develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities. Working together, APWA and its membership contribute to a higher and sustainable quality of life.

The Hawaii Chapter seeks to provide value to its membership by providing a forum for the exchange of public-works related knowledge.
As such, the chapter hosts:

  • general membership meetings (featuring various speakers to discuss contemporary topics affecting the public works profession) and
  • meet & greet / networking events (featuring invited guests from both the public and private sectors).
    Also, an added benefit of membership is access to APWA’s Click Listen and Learn program, a series of interactive internet education programs.

The Hawaii Chapter seeks to cultivate the image of the public works professional.
The Chapter’s various efforts include:

  • hosting an annual awards program to recognize outstanding local public works projects and individuals,
  • observing National Public Works Week to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works and its professionals in their daily lives, and
  • participating in various community service projects.

The Hawaii Chapter seeks to reward promising youths who aspire to work in the public works field.
As such, the Chapter distributes:

  • scholarships to qualified and deserving students of a local college or university, and
  • monetary awards at the State Science and Engineering Fair.


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